Leading Presence


Cover Letter &   Resume Writing

You're in the right hands at Leading Presence.  You're looking for HR Professionals with strong recruitment experience, who have supported a variety of industry sectors, and have evaluated countless resume templates.  Let's have a conversation about where you're planning to go.  Our Cover Letter and Resume Writing will demonstrate how your past experiences and qualifications meet the demands of your ideal employers.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Every person has some form of a digital footprint.  Precise LinkedIn Profile Writing draws positive attention to your professional accomplishments while inviting your network to grow.  Let us work build the profile which captures your professional background accurately.  As a networking tool, LinkedIn allows you to seek new opportunities while maintaining positive relationships with previous employers and colleagues.  Because your online presence acts as a lasting portfolio, it should represent you, and the talents you bring to the workforce.

Interview Preparation Sessions

What makes interviews challenging is the emotion behind them; they can be intimidating experiences, or opportunities to showcase your past successes.  Tell us about the job, or school you're applying to.  Then we'll meet to simulate the interview experience, allowing you to make a first impression, respond to targeted questions within a given timeframe, and receive feedback for your upcoming interview. 

Interview Preparation Sessions build confidence.  When you arrive at the interview, you'll know that you did everything you could to prepare yourself, and respond confidently to those behavioural competency questions as they arise.

Job Profile & Job Description Writing

Accurate Job Profile and Job Description Writing serve the foundation for recruitment.  These binding documents also act as a long-term resource for performance management.  By developing a thorough Job Profile, the deliverables of every person employed in that role is transparent.  Establishing precise Job Descriptions means that each person in your organization can refer to this document and understand the scope of that role.  This level of professionalism is what you need to differentiate your organization, and protect its human resources.

Reference Checks

Completing Reference Checks involves making individual appointments with managers and directors, who are managing multiple competing priorities themselves.  This can delay the hiring process, and add pressures to any hiring manager's role.  Let us support you during this important stage, and complete the final investigation for you.  By asking open questions about previous staff, we can gain the knowledge you need to make the final decision about prospective employees.

Corporate Event Planning

No matter the size of your organization, there is need for Corporate Event Planning.  These time-sensitive events can leave clients and staff with a positive impression, or a confused outlook on company goals.  From multi-day conferences with venders and speakers to group milestone celebrations and formal meetings, we are available to provide consultation, forming the vision of your event, and bringing it to life.  These are time consuming endeavors; working with a consultant alleviates the stress of countless deliverables, allowing you to focus on the company strategy, intention and networking.  Corporate events have the potential to elevate your brand in a positive, organic manner, engaging your internal and external stakeholders. 

Let us make your event exceptional.

Teambuilding Events

The benefit of working in Greater Vancouver, and British Columbia at large is the range of indoor and outdoor activities available.  From private wine and beer tours, festival receptions, mountain days spent skiing, snowshoeing or tubing, large-scale physical challenges like the Vancouver Sun Run, private tours to the Vancouver Art Gallery, family excursions to the Capilano Suspension Bridge or beautiful picnics by the beach, there are endless opportunities for your team to step away from the demands of your roles, and get to know one another. 

Teambuilding Events give employees the opportunity to have organic conversations with one another, and build professional relationships in a meaningful way.  By participating in an interactive event or activity, teams bond through that shared experience.  Let us find the right opportunity to spark inspiration and unity within your team.

Networking Events

Networking is a skill avoided by many due to intimidation.  Some people believe that networking feels superficial, and those feelings are accentuated by formal events.  But leaders understand the value and strategy behind networking.  Let us build memorable and meaningful Networking Events that allow participants to feel comfortable with the space, encouraging dialogue.  Workshops and mock events are an excellent opportunity to build confidence within your team, allowing them to shine as those individuals who looked comfortable, and engaged.