Explore Patricia Piccinini's Curious Imaginings

In case this winter day finds you in Vancouver BC, set your expectations aside and explore Patricia Piccinini’s Curious Imaginings art installation at the Patricia Hotel  – today is the last day! 

Thoughtfully displayed in an East Vancouver hotel with a footprint of more than 100 years on the city’s landscape, this captivating art exhibit challenges your perception of animal form, visual space and human emotion.  Curated by the Vancouver Biennale the location of this exhibit is a sharp reminder of the lifestyle maintained by many seemingly forgotten Vancouverites.  Standing inside the Patricia Hotel, seeing the layout of the rooms, the shapes of the doorways and experiencing the views from the windows play a part of this curious imagining.  Situated on busy East Hastings Street, locals have reason to pass the hotel, aware of its general location.  But many are unlikely to spent time inside the space.

At the start of the exhibit, guests are shown a small example of the sculptures to come.  As a high-risk installation where pieces lay unprotected by stanchions or glass, the sophistication of the creations invite you to touch them.  Touching the art is prohibited, but visitors are invited to hold and touch the first Piccinini piece to satisfy that need to handle the art.  Whether this satisfies the curiosity or awakens it depends on the experience of that individual.

The beauty of creative work is its ability to spark a response from those who experience it.  Taking the time to consciously listen to music, read fiction or observe art brings you into the imagination of the artist.  December is a complicated time; it’s easy to become lost in the expectations and traditions of the season.  Curious Imaginings is an amazing escape into a thoughtful world of mindful exploration.  This was the first time Patricia shared her sculptures outside an art gallery, further exposing the vulnerability of these masterful pieces.

2018 is coming to a close, but it hasn’t ended yet.  Take time to allow your mind to float, and see where it lands.