Mother's Day: Reflecting On Who She Is, Not Who She Is To You

What an amazing gift, to bring life into the world ... in exchange for your own!

I'm at an age where I can't escape thoughts on motherhood.  Do I want to be a mother, is it something I expect from my life, and do I suspect that experience would make me happier than the alternative?

Physical gifts are a beautiful thing, and I encourage eventful gifts:

  • Take your mom to an event you know she wouldn't splurge on
  • Buy that indulgent makeup that she adores, and make sure to include the brush!
  • Put together a basket of stay-home essentials (face masks, plush towels, a face steamer, slippers, a bottle of something sparkly, and stemware to match).

But be sure to take care of yourself on Mother's Day.  Respecting that not everyone's mother is present, be good to yourself on that day of indulgent treats and dried-out commercial flowers.

Who do you think she was as a young person?  What do you think she used to do on the weekends?  What did she wear to look pretty, and what really made her laugh?

Before she looked down at her pregnant belly, she was a different woman.  At some point, she imagined what your smile would look like, how your hair would smell, and whether you would look like her or her silly partner.  I bet she wondered if she was ready, and had done all of the things she wished she had before committing to such a worthy joy.

She walked a different path, spent money on different things, and had different worries and stress relievers.  Imagine what she would have been thinking on Mother's Day.  Was she thinking about summer music festivals, high school graduation, why that guy was so cheap on her first date?

Take time each day to acknowledge who you are.  But on Mother`s Day this Sunday, take time to imagine and appreciate who your mother was before you.  We are all undergoing change throughout our lives; be grateful for that pivotal moment when she accepted the change that you would bring into this world.

She walked a different path. What do you think that looked like?

She walked a different path. What do you think that looked like?