Start Where You Are

A good friend of mine recently revealed that her new year’s resolution is to listen to complete music albums rather than continuing to repeat the playlists and albums she has on repeat. Each year, she chooses an entertainment-focused resolution.  I was inspired by her intention to enjoy something she loves and expand her knowledge and appreciation of music this way.

One of my intentions for the new year is to attend events each month that inspire me. In 2018, I would hear about a lecture or discussion that I wished I hadn’t missed.  Discussions on civic planning fascinate me, but I didn’t think to seek them out.

In the interest of sharing good information, this is the list of HR-related events I’m planning to attend in January:

Let me know if you’re also planning to attend!  It’s always great to meet like-minded folks in person.

The Spotted Cat, New Orleans, LA

The Spotted Cat, New Orleans, LA

My new year’s resolution is to watch more live theatre and music each month.  It’s important to seek out reasonable opportunities to witness live entertainment and share that information.  There are misconceptions around the accessibility of live entertainment; you may not be able to see your favourite headliner in a stadium for a reasonable price, but you can watch a play, comedian or local band for a reasonable amount.

I’m looking forward to the premier of The Full Light of Day at the Vancouver Playhouse. Fascinated by the company’s description of using live film adaptations, cameras and projected imagery in addition to the live players on stage, I hope that the audience witnesses the cinematic experience intended by the production.

Feel free to share any unique events taking place around you – I’m more than happy to hear about it!

No matter your resolution or intention to bring more satisfaction and/or focus into your life, I urge you to start where you are. Acknowledge that place where you find yourself today.  It doesn’t matter what that looks or feels like, whether the place you find yourself feels inspiring or devastating. 

It’s the start of the new year, and I urge you to resist self-judgement, and focus on action instead of judgement. What do you want?  How can you get that?  Whoever you profess to be, you can’t get what you want without making a move. So start where you are: research what’s on your mind, say hello to that person - just go!