Reflection and Peace: Father's Day & BC Seafood Festival

Be present for this thought: It's not the job, the purchase or the partner that brought you joy. You opened your soul to receive peace.

I find joy in positive experiences: sharing a meal; taking a walk by the water; attending an event with thoughtful content. This past week I’ve been attending events at the BC Seafood Festival. Apart from the beautiful food, I’ve been blown away by the chefs I’ve met. Not only were they planning unique dishes for festival service, mentally preparing themselves for competition or preparing to lead educational workshops, they would generously share their time with me, describing why they chose their profession.

Most chefs I met this week associated the experience of cooking with a relative or friend who left a positive imprint on their lives – a loving memory. In their daily work, chefs bring joy to guests through their food.  It’s a labour of love that brings them back to beautiful memories, if only for a moment.

It's Father's Day this weekend. Holidays can be a source of anxiety, and Father’s Day is no exception. Whether thoughts of your Dad invite rage, irritation or indifference into your consciousness, know that your feelings are valid: they deserve your attention, reflection and acknowledgement. You know better than anyone what’s best for you. If rage, irritation or indifference is the right place to be, acknowledge and reflect upon that. Respect yourself, and unpack your thoughts, seeking support from professionals if needed.

Emotions connected to experiences, including those with our families, live on a spectrum. If you once had negative feelings towards your father, but no longer uphold those thoughts, you still deserve peace. Reflect on what’s changed for you – how were you able to let these feelings go? What have you chosen to forgive? Are you relieved?

In case you find yourself on Vancouver Island, and you’re looking for a fun event to share with Dad (or tickets to give Dad to enjoy in your absence), bring him to the BC Seafood Festival Signature Weekend this weekend in Comox Valley. This annual seafood event is a unique opportunity for seafood lovers to sample, savour and slurp their way through festival favourites including oyster shucking competitions, a seafood chowder challenge, ceviche master class and an ultimate seafood boil.

Be kind to yourself, now and always.